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S model

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S-2010 is an ocean model developed by the SIROCCO system team (CNRS & Toulouse University).

  • Physical frame: Boussinesq Hydrostatic, free surface.
  • Horizontal Grid: C curvilinear.
  • Vertical grid: sigma generalized.
  • Numerical method: finite differences + energy conserving (Marsaleix et al 2008).
  • Time stepping scheme: Leap Frog + LP/FD filters (Marsaleix et al, 2012).
  • PGF: Pressure Jacobian (Marsaleix et al, 2009).
  • EOS: TEOS10 (Marsaleix et al, 2011).
  • Lateral boundaries: (Marsaleix et al, 2006).


Model description:

Few exemples of simulation done with S:

Fukusima nucleide dispersion

(values have non dimension

and are not representative)

Surface circulation

averaged over January 2011.

Surface float trajectories

Deep Water formation

on the Gulf of Lion continental shelf.