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Picture of the graphic interface of genesis tool

contact: florent.lyardSPAMFILTER@legos.obs-mip.fr

sirocco-genesis is an interactive graphic user interface for model pre/post-processing (structured and unstructured grids) and database editing. It has basics Geographical Information System capabilities linked with numerical models pre/post-processing utilities. The most useful sections allows you to:

  • build quality structured/unstructured meshes from scratch (automated processing and interactive editing)
  • display many popular netcdf gridded database in their geographical context (MERCATOR-Ocean, Symphonie, ROMS, MARS, WW3, ECMWF, WRF, ...):
    • layer display
    • vertical profiles and sections
    • horizontal sections
    • time series etc...
  • display/edit shorelines and ocean bathymetry dataset
  • create quality printing files (true postscript, GIF, JPEG, etc...)
  • and many other things...