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Here is presentented an overview of some of the actual research made by the group.

Linked to the offline coupling-plateform:

Coupling-platform priniple: briefly described here: 

  • Anchovy recruitment (lagrangian transport and grwth of anchovy larva) (Post-doc: Romain Baghi)
  • Radionuclide contamination and transfert in the trophic ladder in the cas of Fukushima disaster.(Ph.D. : Mokrane Belharet)
  • Bilogical and carbonn cycle over the northwestern mediteranean bassin.(Ph.D. : Kessouri Fayçal)

Linked to Smodel:

  • Spreading of dense water by long life Submesoscale coherent vortices. (Ph. D. : Pierre Damien)
  • Circulation over the estern part of the Gulf of Guinea and impact of the modification of mangrove in the Camerounian estuary.(Ph. D. : Raphaël Onguene)
  • Modification of structured grids.

Linked to SNH:

  • Circulation over Gibraltar Strait; internal waves and hydraulic control. (Ph. D. : Lucie Bordois)
  • A large spectrum of test cases.